590101 pneumatic impact wrenchPneumatic impact wrench

IMPA: 590101

Pneumatic impact wrench

13mm 12.7mm / square drive

590301 pneumatic angle grinderPneumatic angle grinder

IMPA: 590301

Pneumatic angle grinder

wheel size 100 x 6 x 15 mm

590401 deck scalerDeck scaler

IMPA: 590401

Pneumatic deck scaler

Model KC-100

590401 deck scalerPneumatic long handle scraper

IMPA: 590443

Pneumatic long hande scraper

Nitto model S-1000

590461 pneumatic jet chisels JC-20Pneumatic jet chisels JC-16

IMPA: 590461

Jet chisel pneumatic model JC-16

590462 pneumatic jet chisels JC-20Pneumatic jet chisels JC-20

IMPA: 590462

Jet chisel pneumatic model JC-20

590463 pneumatic jet chisels JEX-24Pneumatic jet chisels JEX-24

IMPA: 590463

Jet chisel pneumatic model JEX-24

590464 pneumatic jet chisels JEX-28Pneumatic jet chisels JEX-28

IMPA: 590464

Jet chisel pneumatic model JEX-28

590512 pneumatic hand scalersPneumatic hand scalers

IMPA: 590512

Hand scaler pneumatic #KC-20 5000 RPM

590531 pneumatic flux chippersPneumatic flux chippers

IMPA: 590531

Chipper flux pneumatic CH-25 Stroke

4000 per min

590571 pneumatic hacksawPneumatic hacksaw

IMPA: 590571

Hacksaw pneumatic SSW-110 stroke

7000 per min

590603 pneumatic driven winchesPneumatic driven winches

IMPA: 590603

Winch pneumatic driven

capacity 100kg

590611 neoprene rubber bucketsNeoprene rubber buckets

IMPA: 590611

bucket neoprene 10 liters

590681 590652 590661 tank cleaning machine with hose saddles and hoseTank cleaning machine with hose saddles and hose

IMPA: 590681 590652 590661

Saddle tank cleaning hose type 300N
Tank cleaning machine MU-302 complete
Hose tank cleaning for MU 2-1/2 inch X 10m with coupling
590701 vacuum cleanerIndustrial pneumatic vacuum cleaner

IMPA: 590701

Vacuum cleaner industrial pneumatic

590722 pneumatic vacuum cleanerPneumatic vacuum cleaner

IMPA: 590722

Vacuum cleaner pneumatic blobac cleaner

Model V-500

590735 high pressure cleanerElectruc high pressure cleaner

IMPA: 590735

High pressure cleaner electric 5203K 220V 3-phase

590741 hold cleaning gunHold cleaning gun

IMPA: 590741

Hold cleaning gun water tobey

590801-590805 air line filtersAir line filters

IMPA: 590801

Air line filter PT 1/4

590811-590815 air line lubricatorsAir line lubricators

IMPA: 590811

Air line lubricator PT 1/4

0590821-0590825 air line pressure regulatorsAir line pressure regulators

IMPA: 590821

Air line pressure regulators PT 1/4

0590831 air line FRL combinationsAir line F.R.L combinations

IMPA: 590831

Air line F.R.L combination PT 1/4

0590821-0590825 air line pressure regulatorsFour way air distributor

IMPA: 590891

Distributor, air, 4-way, 10 ltr – Cobolt CFD330C

591215 591216 electric scaling machinesElectric scaling machines

IMPA: 591215

Scaling machine electric

OSK-1 AC100V 1-phase

590905 cordless drill driversCordless drill drivers

IMPA: 590905

Drill driver cordless capacity 10mm

Model CDR-90AKS

591251 pneumatic scaling machinePneumatic scaling machine

IMPA: 591251

Scaling machine pneumatic KC-60

591354 pneumatic chain hoistPneumatic chain hoist

IMPA: 591354

591354 pneumatic chain hoist

591402 portable ventilation fanPortable ventilation fan

IMPA: 591402

591402 portable ventilation fan

591418 ventilation tubeVentilation tube

IMPA: 591418

591418 ventilation tube

591436 water driven turbine fanWater driven turbine fan

IMPA: 591436

591436 water driven turbine fan

591425 591426 pneumatic ventilation fanPneumatic ventilation fan

IMPA: 591425

591425 pneumatic ventilation fan

591481 portable ventilation fan explosion proofPortable ventilation fan explosion proof

IMPA: 591481

591481 portable ventilation fan explosion proof

591601 pneumatic diaphragm pumpsPneumatic diaphragm pumps

IMPA: 591601

591601 pneumatic diaphragm pumps

591637 pneumatic sump pumpsPneumatic sump pumps

IMPA: 591637

591637 pneumatic sump pumps

591621 591623 electric sump pumpElectric sump pump

IMPA: 591621

591621 electric sump pump

591651 pneumatic drum pumsPneumatic drum pums

IMPA: 591651

591651 pneumatic drum pums

591661 pneumatic piston pumpsPneumatic piston pumps

IMPA: 591661

591661 pneumatic piston pumps