610486 wrench stud removerWrench stud remover

IMPA: 610486

Wrench stud remover

1/2″ square drive F / Bolt size 8mm – 19mm

610486 wrench stud removerSingle open end wrench

IMPA: 610611

Wrench single open end


610651 12 point single end wrench12 point single end wrench

IMPA: 610651

Wrench 12-point single end


610832 open and rachet type 12 point box wrenchOpen and rachet type 12 point box wrench

IMPA: 610832

Wrench open & rachet type 12-point box


611004 12 point spud end wrench12 point spud end wrench

IMPA: 611004

Wrench 12-point & spud end offset


613220 scraper bearingScraper bearing

IMPA: 613220

Scraper bearing with wooden handle


613426 hacksaw framesHacksaw frames

IMPA: 613426

Frame hacksaw adjustable pipe

250mm- 300mm

613431 hacksaw bladesHacksaw blades

IMPA: 613431

Blade hacksaw hand carbon steel

250mm X 14 teeth

613716 c type screw clampsC type screw clamps

IMPA: 613716

Clamp screw c-type


613770 vise bench parallel square cylinderVise bench parallel square cylinder

IMPA: 613770

Vise bench parallel square-cylinder

57mm X 60mm X 39mm

613802 handy tool setHandy tool set

IMPA: 613802

Tool set handy 20 tools in carrying case

613814 steel tool boxSteel tool box

IMPA: 613814

Tool box quonset type steel

290mm X 150mm X 100mm

614001 drum opening spanner Drum opening spanner

IMPA: 614001

Spanner drum opening

614007 rotary hand pumpRotary hand pump

IMPA: 614007

Rotary pump hand operate

1 Inch

614010 plastic hand pumpPlastic hand pump

IMPA: 614010

Pump hand plastic for pail can

614015 wing pump hand operatedWing pump hand operated

IMPA: 614015

Wing pump hand operate for 20mm pipe

614026 drum hook for 2 drumsDrum hook for 2 drums

IMPA: 614026

Drum hook chain type for 2 drums

614031 steel plate clampsSteel plate clamps

IMPA: 614031

Clamp steel plate lifting capacity 1 Ton

614037 steel structure clampsSteel structure clamps

IMPA: 614037

Clamp steel structure lifting capacity 1 Ton

614051 steel hose bandSteel hose band

IMPA: 614051

Hose band galv steel


614101 banding toolBanding tool

IMPA: 614101

Banding tool

614103 banding bandBanding band

IMPA: 614103

Banding band stainless steel

6.4mm X 30meters

614109 banding buckleBanding buckle

IMPA: 614109

Banding buckle stainless steel

6.4mm X 100pieces

614115 banding screw buckleBanding screw buckle

IMPA: 614115

Banding screw buckle stainless steel

6.4mm X 50pieces

614170 straub type clamps Straub type clamps

IMPA: 614170

Pipe clamp straub 50A rubber (Epdm) sleeve

615001 link chain hand lever hoistLink chain hand lever hoist

IMPA: 615001

Hoist hand-lever

3/4 Ton 1.5meters

615006 chain hoistChain hoist

IMPA: 615006

Hoist chain spur-gear

1/2 Ton 2.5meters

615022 non spark chain hoistNon spark chain hoist

IMPA: 615022

Hoist chain non-spark bealon

1 Ton 3 meters

615032 plain trolleysPlain trolleys

IMPA: 615032

Plain trolley 1 Ton

615036 geared trolleyGeared trolley

IMPA: 615036

Geared trolley 1 Ton

615050 gear and wheel pullersGear and wheel pullers

IMPA: 615050

Puller gear & wheel 2-arm type

0mm – 75mm

615071 gear and wheel pullersGear and wheel pullers

IMPA: 615071

Puller gear & wheel 3-arm

0mm – 200mm

615081 bearing puller set for inner ringBearing puller set for inner ring

IMPA: 615081

Puller bearing set size 00-06 for inner ring

615085 hydraulic bearing pullersHydraulic bearing pullers

IMPA: 615085

Puller bearing hydraulic 2 arm

10 Ton with ram, pump and hose

615095 hydraulic pumps for bearing pullerHydraulic pumps for bearing puller

IMPA: 615095

Puller hydraulic 20 Ton capacity for bearing puller

615101 high pressure rubber hose for hydraulic bearing pullerHigh pressure rubber hose for hydraulic bearing puller

IMPA: 615101

hose rubber with coupling Pt3/8H.p.

6mm X 2meters for bearing puller

615136 hydraulic jacksHydraulic jacks

IMPA: 615136

Jack hydrulic 35mm-stroke 10 Ton spring return type

615180 hydraulic nut splittersHydraulic nut splitters

IMPA: 615180

Splitter nut hydraulic 2’s up to 7/8 inch Bsw

615184 flange jacksFlange jacks

IMPA: 615184

Flange jack No.20

2 Pieces per set

615215 rim gunRim gun

IMPA: 615215

Kinetic rim gun “three bond” model H

615233 hand riveter kitsHand riveter kits

IMPA: 615233

Riveter kit hand in steel case

615251 pneumatic riveterPneumatic riveter

IMPA: 615251

Riveter pneumatic rivet

Diameters 2.4mm – 4.8mm

615961 non spark fibreglass square shovelsNon spark fibreglass square shovels

IMPA: 615961

Shovel square non-spark fibreglass

290mm X 1040mm

616603 threader drop head exposed ratchetThreader drop head exposed ratchet

IMPA: 616603

Threader drop head exposed ratchet ridgid

No.12-R 1/8-2 inch

616773 flaring toolsFlaring tools

IMPA: 616773

Flaring tool ridgid #458

617016 compact gas torchesCompact gas torches

IMPA: 617016

Torch gas compact complete set with burner

617020 refrigerant gas detectorsRefrigerant gas detectors

IMPA: 617020

Leak detector mackinly for refrigerant gas

617166 spare wheel for platform truck Spare wheel for platform truck

IMPA: 617166

Wheel free swivel type 100mm for platform truck

617402 air grease lubricatorsAir grease lubricators

IMPA: 617402

Grease pump air operated ratio 44:1 for 30kg drum

617501 air grease lubricators industrial typeAir grease lubricators industrial type

IMPA: 617501

Grease lubricator portable air operated


617516 hand grease bucket pumpsHand grease bucket pumps

IMPA: 617516

Grease bucket pump hand operate high pressure


617536 hand oil bucket pumpsHand oil bucket pumps

IMPA: 617536

Oil bucket pump hand operated Stb-60

20 litres

617556 grease hose with connector grease hose with connector

IMPA: 617556

Hose grease H.p. 1/4 X 10 meters with fitting PF1/4 Skr P/N. 695099

614025 drum hook for 1 drumDrum hook for 1 drum

IMPA: 614025

Drum hook chain type for 1 drum