650301 outside micrometersOutside micrometers

IMPA: 650301

Micrometer outside 0-25mm in 0.01mm graduation

650341 outside micrometers wih countersOutside micrometers with counters

IMPA: 650341

Micrometer outside with counter 0-25mm in 0.01mm graduation

650381 outside interchangeable micrometersOutside interchangeable micrometers

IMPA: 650381

Micrometer outside 0-100mm with interchangeable anvils

650402 tubular type inside micrometersTubular type inside micrometers

IMPA: 650402

Micrometer inside tubular 50-75mm in 0.01mm graduation

650441 joint inside micrometersJoint inside micrometers

IMPA: 650441

Micrometer inside jointed rod 50-150mm 0.01mm step

650451 internal groove micrometersInternal groove micrometers

IMPA: 650451

Micrometer inside caliper 5-30mm 0.01mm step

650501 vernier calipersVernier calipers

IMPA: 650501

Vernier caliper stainless steel metric 100mm

650521 digital calipersDigital calipers

IMPA: 650521

Digital caliper 150mm

650501 vernier calipersVernier depth gauges

IMPA: 650537

vernier depth gauge stainless steel 200mm
650856 oil guaging tapeOil gauging tape

IMPA: 650856

Tape oil gauge steel white tape mm and inch 15mtr/50

650890 gasaline and oil water finding pasteWater finding paste

IMPA: 650890

Water finding paste 75g yellow to red

650891 gasaline and oil water finding pasteGasoline and oil finding paste

IMPA: 650891

Gasoline and oil finding paste 75g blue to red

651023 surface platesSurface plates

IMPA: 651023

Surface plate box type cast iron 250 x 250 x 55mm

651317 sampling bottlesSampling bottles

IMPA: 651317

Sampling bottles

651344 seawater hydrometersSeawater hydrometers

IMPA: 651344

Hydrometer seawater 1000-1040 250mm

651384 salinometerSalinometer

IMPA: 651384

Salinometer for sea water brass 1000-1040

651385 salinometer potsSalinometer pots

IMPA: 651385

Salinometer pots

651401 standard dial gaugesStandard dial gauges

IMPA: 651401

Dial gauge standard 0-5mm 0.01mm grad. non waterproof

651701 cabin thermometerCabin thermometer

IMPA: 651701

Thermometer cabin -30 to 50 degress 250mm

651551 guage pointer pullerGauge pointer puller

IMPA: 651551

Gauge pointer puller
651706 maximum minimum thermometerMaximum and minimum thermometer

IMPA: 651706

Thermometer Maxi-mini u shape with magnet -20 to 50 degrees celsius

651725 test thermomter in brass caseTest thermometer in brass case

IMPA: 651725

Thermometer test in brass case 0-100 degrees celsius 300mm

651710 seawater thermometerSeawater thermometer

IMPA: 651710

Thermometer seawater copper cased -20 to 50 degree celsius

651801 infrared temperature measurement devicesInfrared temperature measurement devices

IMPA: 651801

Temperature measurement device infrared 260 degree celsius minitemp 24

651742 tank thermometerTank thermometer

IMPA: 651742

Tank thermometer in brass case with sampler -10 – 100 degree Celsius, 14 – 212 degree fahrenheit

652654 indicator paperIndicator paper

IMPA: 652654

Indicator paper M-2L metallic white 50’s 65 x 181mm

652631 engine peak indicatorsEngine peak indicators

IMPA: 652631

Engine peak indicator with handle 100kg f/cm2

652670 crankshaft distortion dial gaugesCrankshaft distortion dial gauges

IMPA: 652670

Crank distortion dial gauge 100 – 500mm 0.01mm graduation

652703 inspection mirrorInspection mirror

IMPA: 652703

Inspection mirror 50mm dia with extension shaft

652901 sound level meterSound level meter

IMPA: 652901

Sound level meter 30-130 dba (A) 37-130(C) / 42-130 (F) #1051