CE Corner: Intercourse treatment for the century that is 21st Five growing guidelines Over fifty percent a hundred years has passed since famed intercourse researchers William Masters, MD, and Virginia Johnson started their pioneering research on sex and intimate disorder. That work laid the inspiration for contemporary intercourse treatment, plus some regarding the practices they described within the 1960s are nevertheless getting used today, claims Jennifer Vencill, PhD, an authorized psychologist and certified sex specialist at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota. “They had been the people that are foremost their industry for a reason,” she says. Yet times have actually changed since those times whenever miniskirts could scandalize and television couples slept in separate beds. Building regarding the tools described by Masters and Johnson, a brand new generation of scientists has identified unique methods to see sex and revolutionary methods to treat intimate issues, including difficulties with arousal, desire, discomfort and failure to orgasm. […]