SealXpert anaerobic flange sealants are special fluids designed to fill small gaps. SealXpert anaerobic flange sealant creates a rigid or flexible gasket between two mating flanges after cured.

It improves loading capability, reduces noises and SealXpert anaerobic flange sealant has excellent solvent and chemical resistance.

It is a one component, thixotropic viscosity, anaerobic flange sealant. It cures between two close-fitting metal surfaces when confined in the absence of air.

They can be applied manually or via dispensers.

50 ml per bottle


  • General purpose
  • Excellent solvent and chemical resistance
  • Flexible gasket after cured, withstands a slight flange movement caused by vibration. Used for rigid machined parts flange sealing
  • Applicable to motive power machines such as automobile, engineering machine, internal combustion engine, mining equipments, etc. For heavy loading


  • Used for flange sealing with minor flange movements with filling gap size of 0.25mm. Typically suitable for sealing rigid and heavy loading gear case and driving axle etc.
Product Usage Max Gap Fill (mm)
FS515 Anaerobic Flange Sealant General Purpose 0.25
Colour Viscosity (mPa.s) Specific Gravity (g/cm³)
Purple 180000 Thixotropic 1.05
Breakaway Torque (Nm) Prevail Torque (Nm) Temperature Range (°C)
6 4 -50 to 150
Curing Speed
Fixture (min) Full Cure (hour)
10 – 20 25